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ISO 19600 Certification Compliance Management Systems

ISO 19600 Certification Compliance Management Systems is an international standard that provides guidelines for compliance management systems (CMS), enabling organizations to establish, implement, maintain, and continually improve processes and controls to ensure compliance with legal, regulatory, contractual, and ethical requirements. The certification process involves:

Legal Register:

Develop and maintain a comprehensive legal register that documents applicable laws, regulations, standards, permits, licenses, contracts, and other obligations relevant to the organization’s activities, products, services, and stakeholders.

Compliance Risk Assessment:

Conduct compliance risk assessments to identify, evaluate, and prioritize legal and regulatory risks, assess their potential impact and likelihood of occurrence, and determine appropriate risk responses and mitigation measures.

Compliance Controls:

Implement compliance controls, policies, procedures, and measures to address identified risks and ensure adherence to legal and regulatory requirements, including monitoring, reporting, recordkeeping, and verification activities.

Compliance Training:

Provide compliance training and awareness programs for employees, contractors, and stakeholders to educate them about relevant laws, regulations, policies, and procedures, and their roles and responsibilities in maintaining compliance.

Monitoring and Auditing:

Establish monitoring and auditing processes to verify compliance with applicable requirements, detect non-compliance issues, deviations, and breaches, and take corrective and preventive actions to address root causes and systemic issues.

Incident Management:

Develop incident management and reporting procedures to handle compliance incidents, violations, complaints, and allegations promptly, investigate root causes, and implement corrective actions to prevent recurrence and mitigate liabilities.

Documentation and Records:

Maintain accurate, up-to-date documentation and records of compliance activities, assessments, decisions, actions, and outcomes, ensuring traceability, accountability, and transparency in compliance management processes.

ISO 19600 Certification Compliance Management Systems demonstrates an organization’s commitment to compliance, integrity, and ethical behavior, providing assurance to stakeholders, regulators, customers, and business partners that the organization operates in accordance with legal and regulatory requirements. By achieving ISO 19600 certification, organizations can enhance their reputation, minimize legal and regulatory risks, and build trust and confidence with stakeholders.

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