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ISO 9000 Family Understanding  Principles

ISO 9000 Family Understanding Principles of standards includes a collection of international standards and recommendations for quality management systems (QMS) which act as guidelines by determining the elements to develop activities as well as helping the organization to develop a quality management system to ensure customer satisfaction, continual improvement, and product quality. The core principles of the ISO 9000 family include:

Customer Focus:

It makes sense for the organizations to be able to satisfy and exceed customer requirements in addition to enhancing customer satisfaction which in itself is a key indicator that the company is delivering high-quality products and services.


A unified leadership team in which all top management persons’ personal involvement and endorsement are a necessity for communication and development of the performance indicators. Top management should set quality policy and objectives, allocate resources, ensure that every employee understands and feels responsible for what the company is striving for and its achievement.

Engagement of People:

The involvement and empowerment of employees at all ranks are pivotal for the growth of the organization through a combined endeavor. Each one of us is given an opportunity to contribute to our quality objectives which not only requires working better together but also increasing their satisfaction in work. Also, an organization should foster a culture of innovation, learning, and creativity, bringing about collective learning and development at both the individual and corporate level.

Process Approach:

It is the process that determines the effectiveness and efficiency level of the company, hence it is important to identify and develop a system where processes are working well. Processes are the game-changer in the success of any competitive enterprise and since the company has to consistently come up with distinctive products and services, knowing the principal business functions, such as accounting, customer support, and quality assurance should be a foregone and done on a standard level of quality.


The company’s highest organizational health can be said to be achieved by continuous improvement approaches through adoption of the modern way of life process through innovation and technology. Besides the continuous improvement in productivity and product quality and hence in customer satisfaction will be the primary goal of an organization through the deployment of the latest technology, steps towards the total quality management, culture of employee involvement, and other formal and informal ones behind which the human resources department.

Evidence-based Decision Making: In addition, evidence-based decision-making includes the use of data, information, and evidence to reach a verdict in support of the purpose under potential threats.

When it comes to their relationship with their suppliers, partners, and stakeholders, organizations should make sure to cultivate rapport and trust. Moreover, the indication of cooperation and the creation of value should be made visible jointly throughout the supply chain and customer lifecycle.

Organizations can benefit greatly from adopting the ISO 9000 series of standards, not only by upgrading their quality management practices, but also by increasing their operational performance. By doing so, they will deliver more customer satisfaction and establish permanent business success. ISO 9000 Family Understanding Principles

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