Certification is the issuance of a certificate by an independent third party which attests to the fact that a company, product or service conforms to a specified standard. W3 Solutionz is an Organisation at the service of companies which is accredited for the certification of quality, environmental and health and safety management systems. W3 Solutionz also carries-out food safety and information security audits and offers professional training courses.

In order to achieve certification, organizations must demonstrate, by means of a specified audit, that they have adequately implemented a specific standard or regulation.

The necessary time to become certified may vary according to which standard applies. W3 Solutionz can fully meet market expectations when providing its services.

The rules laid down by the IAS accreditation body, it prohibit certification bodies from providing consultancy services in any way. Certification bodies may only carry-out audit inspection, certification and training activities. w3 Solutionz provides personalized services to its customers, but excluding any consulting.

The cost of certification varies according to several parameters which must be examined in order to estimate the duration of an audit. Factors such as the complexity of the company’s activities, the number of its employees, the difficulties inherent to the sector in which it operates and the size, number and location of its production sites must be taken into account. To receive a personalized estimate please contact W3 Solutionz or fill in the form to be found here:

To receive a personalise estimate please either contact W3 Solutionz by telephone or fill in the online form.

W3 Solutionz enters into formal contracts with its customers which, in most cases, have a three-year term as they cover the validity cycle of certificates, which is of precisely three years.

Before the expiry of the certificate and therefore the term of the contract, W3 Solutionz offers a three-year renewal of the certification.

Accreditation is a formal, independent verification that a program or institution meets established quality standards and is competent to carry out specific conformity assessment tasks.

Certified companies are authorised to use the W3 Solutionz certification Marks. Where the company has been certified against a standard applicable to a management system, it can use the logo on documentation, letterhead paper, websites, etc. However, as far as product primary packaging is concerned, only specific wording may be applied. When obtaining a product certification, companies are also authorised to use the W3 Solutionz logo on the finished product itself.

W3 Solutionz can offer organizations and independent professionals in-depth specialized courses on a large number of issues of great interest and relevance to today’s industry: Quality, Environment, Health and Safety, Security, laws and regulations are some of the topics. W3 Solutionz training programmes are specifically designed to meet the needs of each customer.

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